Learning German

"A gifted person ought to learn English in thirty hours, French in thirty days, and German in thirty years."

Mark Twain

Despite Mark Twain’s numerous quotes about how awful the German language is, he did in fact love it!
So, is German that hard to learn? Here’s our honest take on it!
Learning German can seem intimidating plus the rumors of its complex grammatical structures and super long words don’t really seem to help.
The truth is, once you break it down, it’s not really that hard.

Here are some common misconceptions about the German language: 

German vocabulary is baffling!

Quick fact: German and English stem from the same root language: ProtoGermanic

Therefore, 40% of German words sound or look like the English ones with the same meaning. 

Let’s take a look: Princess – die Prinzessin

Creative – Kreativ What is that? – Was ist das? 

So, if you’re familiar with English, you’re already many steps ahead.

German pronunciation is rigid!

Guess what: German pronunciation is much easier than the English one!
While the “ch” and “r” sounds can give the impression of a very aggressive language, it is actually very straightforward. There are no silent letters and you
practically pronounce the word the same way it’s spelled.
Our advice is to start by learning the alphabet. Once you’ve mastered each letter and with a bit of practice, you’ll be speaking German in no time.

German grammar is too complicated!

 We get it, learning German grammar can be a beast and may take a while to master. That’s mainly because of its unfamiliarity compared to other languages.
The truth is, it’s much more logical than you think. Both regular and irregular verbs follow the same set of rules. Hence, learning the bases can get you a long way.

And don’t forget: If you already understand English grammar, German grammar will be a piece of cake!

So, is German really that hard to learn?

Despite its bad reputation, German is actually very easy to learn. Studies showed that you’ll need 30 weeks (750 hours) in order to master it and jump to
an advanced level.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your German learning journey with
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