Start it up! Quick AND Smooth integration

Finding out more about Germany, the history, culture, and legal system of this country is very important for everyone who want to live & work in Germany.

Learning German and much more

Integration is significant aspect for locals, immigrants,  and refuges with the aim of identical participation in society & public life.

We enable our participants to learn:

  • German’s legal system, history, and culture
  • How to handle everyday life in German independently
  • Important values, e.g., freedom of worship, tolerance, and equal rights.

Language and orientation course

Each integration course consists of a language course and an orientation course.

The Language Courses

The language courses will cover important aspects of everyday life such as:

  • work and career
  • basic and further training
  • bringing up and raising children
  • shopping/ trade/ consumption
  • leisure time and social interaction
  • health and hygiene / human body
  • media and media use
  • housing

Orientation courses 

In the orientation course you will discuss the following, for example:

  • the German legal system, history, and culture
  • rights and obligations in Germany
  • forms of community life 
  • values that are important in Germany, such as freedom of religion, tolerance, and gender equality.

You will complete the orientation course by taking the “Life in Germany” test.